Friday, April 2, 2010


December 2009 - I was having a difficult time finding inexpensive airfare to Oregon for a wedding. My husband Joe decided instead of me flying for a day and a half that we should drive and then go to Canada to see all the sites of Psych!!!!!! I was so PSYCHED!!!!!

January-March - I watched all 3 seasons at least 10 times. Stopping and zooming and rewinding to catch any little clues as to the locations the show was filmed.

Final Result - A Psych blast!!!!

March 15th - 18th 2010
Just as we crossed the border our phones went crazy saying we were roaming ect... We called our phone company and they told us they didn't have ANY international plans for Canada. SERIOUSLY?! With out our phones we had no GPS. So off to the store to get a map and old school it...

We headed to the Langley area of BC.
Our first stop was the drive in movie theater where Shawn's mom was held hostage in a car.

It is still up and running but only on the weekends in the Spring so we didn't get to catch a flick.

Our next stop - Santa Barbara National Savings bank where Gus was held hostage.

We were STARVING by this time so we headed to a great place to get burgers and strawberry shakes!
The actual Red Robin the Treasure Hunting episode with Shawn's uncle was filmed!

Our condo was in Vancouver so we took surface streets to get there so we could pass other Psych landmarks -

The diner where Ms Dwyer was chained to the sign.

The hotel the bank robbers on parole were staying in Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets (Season 1 Episode 4)

We checked into our condo and set out the next day's plans.

First stop all the sites in Vancouver BC.

The court house in Cloudy...Chance of Murder (Seas. 1 Eps. 12)

They had this HUGE tv set up for the Olympics stuff they still had going on as the Paralympics were still there.

There is an area just out of down town Vancouver that is home to filming sites to a bunch of episodes. It was freezing and pouring down rain otherwise we would have found a way in to the area. It was all gated off everywhere.

The horse track in And Down the Stretch Comes Murder (seas. 2 eps. 5)

The amusement park and the park area during the motorcycle chase in Daredevils
(seas. 3 eps. 3)
The roller rink in Talk Derby to Me (seas. 3 eps. 7)
The field and stairs Juliette and Lassiter run across in season 4's finale

This last area was under construction to build a new soccer stadium! It was a general sports field but they are making it into a permanent playing field and bringing the chairs from the Olympic venues for seating!

We stopped for lunch in hopes of some Fries Cuatro Queso Dos Fritos. Apparently they don't have that on the menu. The food was fantastic though!!

After lunch we tried to check ourselves into an Insane Asylum - ok so not really but the person taking our picture probably thought we should be in one....

Hoped to catch a football game

Saw the planets and the Universe

Our last full day took us to Crescent Beach and White rock where a majority of the show is filmed.

On our way down we stopped to slide down a firehouse pole (I WISH!!!!)


We stopped by THE house. And it does indeed face the ocean. We asked a passerby to take our picture and they were thinking we wanted our picture with the ocean in the back ground. They were quite confused when we said we wanted it with the house!

The local store where Regina picked up her mail in Season 1's Who Ya Gonna Call? (eps. 7)

Safety Inspector Hick's house from There Might be Blood
(Seas. 3 Eps. 6)

The roundabout where Gus found his long lost Airwolf jacket in Henry's truck.
Game, Set... Muuurder?
(Seas. 1 Eps. 13)
The building behind was used as a coffee shop where Shawn proposed to Juliette in
Rob-a-Bye Baby
(Seas. 2 Eps. 8)

The beach and waterfront path we have seen in many episodes. My fav is the one of Shawn and Gus racing their bikes as kids.

Lassiter's House from the surprise party for Lassiter in
Poker? I Barely Know Her
(Seas 1 Eps. 14)

In the very same circle as Lassiter's house I also found the S.A.G. couple's house from Disco Didn't Die. It was Murdered! On our way to Crescent Beach we accidentally stumbled upon the pawn shop they changed into 70's clothes at!

Chief Vick's house that we saw in Rob-a-Bye Baby
(Seas. 2 Eps. 8)
From Shawn vs. The Red Phantom Malone Breyfogle's house
(seas. 1 eps. 8)

As you leave Crescent Beach the road curves to lead into White Rock. At that curve we found the remains and reconstruction of what was once...

Camp Tikihama
Tuesday the 17th
(Seas. 3 Eps. 15)

White Rock

White Rock has many places that we see characters for short times. Random restaurants, benches, walking paths ect... Here are the few I found and some that are more well known...

From the pilot episode. The Mexican restaurant Lassiter and his "partner" had lunch at.

The last restaurant we see Shawn and Gus and Uncle Burton leave.
Meat is Murder, But Murder is Also Murder
(Seas. 2 Eps. 6)
Also seen in If You're So Smart then Why Are You Dead?
(Seas. 2 Eps. 7)

The place across the street from the Psych office where Shawn discovers his dad really isn't sick.
(Seas. 2 Eps. 14)

The restaurant where Dutch the Clutch jumps from the roof seating area
Daredevil (Seas. 3 Eps. 3)
The place Shawn and Gus have breakfast in An Evening with Mr. Yang
(Seas. 3 Eps. 16)I also think it is the same restaurant in Seas. 4 Eps. 5 but can't check...

The muffler shop where Shawn's uncle Jack makes the owner a partner and where they discover the location of the next clue.
The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable
(Seas. 3 Eps. 4)

The pier we see in every episode

The bench Shawn was hiding on when Gus was on a date with Jessica
From the Earth to Starbucks (Seas. 1 Eps. 10)Also where Mr. Yang hid the phone in Season 3's finale

Under the pier where they found the dinosaur victim
65 Million Years Off
(seas. 2 Eps. 2)

And of course the Psych Office!!!

I found a few other random places but ran out of time to get to them. Next time!!!!


  1. That is SOOOO totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This was insane. I only knew the locations of like, 1/4 of these! If i ever make it to BC, i'm taking your blog as a guide! :D

  3. This looks like it was so much fun! But hey, you missed one! In your picture of 'The local store where Regina picked up her mail in Season 1's Who Ya Gonna Call? (eps. 7)', right next to that building is the place they used as Shawn's apartment (Mimi's Fluff'n'Fold) in Shawn Takes A Shot In The Dark. I found it on GoogleMaps.

  4. When I started my searching I couldn't go back and watch many episodes from the new season... my husband had deleted them!!!!!

    Thanks for that one!

  5. Where is the police station? I cannot find it anywhere...

  6. Absolutely incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us. What a great job you did.

  7. i love all pictures, it is so cool